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Visitor Procedures

Thank you for helping us keep our school safe! All guests must check in with the front office and receive an Ident-a-kid visitor’s pass before entering other areas of the school. Visitors may also be screened with OpenGate weapons detection technology. A state-issued license or identification card is required for our Ident-a-kid system.  

Only parents and/or legal guardians can visit a student during the school day without permission and coordination. All persons other than parents and legal guardians wishing to visit a student must receive written permission from the parent/legal guardian. The permission request must be  given to the school office in advance of the visit. Any court order restricting parental visits to a child supersedes this policy.  

Please follow these guidelines for visitors other than parent/guardian:

  1. Permission for visitors other than parent/guardian must be requested by the parent/guardian.
  2. The visitor request must include the following: student’s name, date, time, and location of the  visit, the name of the visitor, and the signature of the parent/guardian.
  3. The visitor request must be submitted to the front office prior to the visit.
Students from other schools may not be on the IMS campus without the permission of the administration.